In 2017 KMT Hepatech became part of PhoenixBio group and will continue operations utilizing PXB-Mouse® 

Due to the expanding interest in the humanized liver mouse model across a wide range of drug development fields, the company now offers services in the following areas:

 Hepatitis virus image       

Hepatotoxicity image       
Human hepatic metabolism image 

Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Malaria

Human Hepatic Toxicity Studies of Drugs or Chemicals

Human-Specific Metabolism of Drugs or Chemicals

Specific categories of scientific evaluations performed by KMT Hepatech include:

    PK / Tolerability evaluations
    Proof of concept: vehicle versus drug treatment
    Dose response study
    Combination therapy study
    Head-to-head comparison of different drugs
    In vivo resistance evaluations
    Prediction of dosage ranges for clinical trials
    Evaluation of preventive therapies
    Human-type drug metabolism evaluation
    Human lipoprotein metabolism and therapies
    Assessment of hepatotoxicity


Our scientists work closely with your scientific team, utilizing a collaborative approach to develop an evaluation strategy that meets your priorities and needs. We will customize studies to answer your most urgent questions related to the evaluation of a potential product and to provide you with the highest possible level of assurance that your lead candidate meets your expectations prior to entering clinical trials.

For each client relationship, a joint Research Steering Committee monitors progress and directs the research agenda. This ensures the client achieves their research objectives according to their timeline and their budget utilizing the PXB-Mouse®.

Dosing - syringe imageDosing

PO 1-3x daily up to 10 ml/kg
SC max volume 1 ml
IM max 0.05 ml 1x daily
IP max up to 15 ml/kg
IV max 0.1 ml

Frequency and duration of dosing regimes assessed per individual study protocol development and are governed by guidelines set by the CCAC and local ACC review.

Sampling - tube imageBlood sampling

Recovery blood sampling volume of ~100 µl/animal. Draws can be done weekly. Cardiac blood sampling terminal bleed yields volume range of 300 – 1000 µl based on animal size and condition.

Liver imageLiver and Organs

Targeted collection is available at the end of study regime as per study protocol development.

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