EUROTOX 2017 - Connecting for a Safer Future

Eurotox 2017 KMT Hepatech news image This year Congress is happening in Bratislava, Slovakia
EUROTOX 2017 - the 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology is held in Bratislava, September 10-13, 2017.

The theme of the 53rd EUROTOX Congress, “Connecting for a Safer Future”, upholds the importance of the scientific collaboration between experts and increasing inter-disciplinarity of the modern toxicology science.

Demand for safety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and consumer products continuously increases and manufacturers must incorporate toxicology considerations into the product development as early as possible in order to minimize or eliminate toxicity. This process requires engagement of inter- and multi-disciplinary toxicology approaches and incorporation of twenty-first century toxicology principles and practices.

In addition to the attractive scientific program, the congress venue will offer an attractive space for exhibition and side meetings of EUROTOX members, affiliated societies, sub-committees and other scientific groups and thus will aim into strengthening professional relationships and networking activities.

Ms. Christine Reimer is attending EUROTOX 2017 congress in Bratislava, Slovakia. Discussions can be arranged by contacting Ms. Reimer directly by email: christine.reimer @

For additional information and registration visit EUROTOX 2017 Congress website