Human Hepatocytes - PXB-Cells

KMT Hepatech is expanding operations and will start production of PXB-Cells® - Human Hepatocytes isolated from PXB-Mouse® (Chimeric Mouse with humanized liver).
PXB-Mouse and PXB-Cells - Human Hepatocytes

Human Hepatocytes isolated from Chimeric Mice can be used for:
  • Efficacy studies of anti-HBV leads in development
  • Safety assessment of drugs and chemicals
  • Human-type metabolism studies of drugs and chemicals
  • Other studies where Primary Human Hepatocytes are used

Benefits of using PXB-Cells®

Reproducibility - near indefinite supply of human hepatocytes from the same donor

Direct in vitro to in vivo comparison of data generated using PXB-Cell® and PXB-Mouse®

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