Human Hepatocytes - KMT Cells

KMT Hepatech in collaboration with In Vitro ADMET Laboratories offers cryopreserved or freshly isolated (plateable grade or suspension grade) Human Hepatocytes isolated from Chimeric Mouse with humanized liver.
Human Hepatocytes from Chimeric Mouse image
Human Hepatocytes isolated from Chimeric Mice can be used for:
  • Efficacy studies of anti-HBV leads in development
  • Safety assessment of drugs and chemicals
  • Human-type metabolism studies of drugs and chemicals
  • Other studies where Primary Human Hepatocytes are used

Benefits of using KMT CellsTM

Reproducibility - near indefinite supply of human hepatocytes from the same donor

Direct in vitro to in vivo comparison of data generated using KMT CellsTM and KMT MouseTM

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Contact us to receive Product Characterization Sheets for available cell lots.

You can also contact In Vitro ADMET Laboratories at info @ or by phone +1 (866) 458 1094 or +1 (410) 869 9037