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11421 Saskatchewan Drive Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G2M9

KMT Hepatech, Inc. provides in vivo research services to companies who are in preclinical development of Hepatitis C (HCV), Hepatitis B (HBV) and Malaria therapeutics and vaccines, utilizing our proprietary platform technology small animal model, the KMT MouseTM.

The KMT MouseTM is a transgenic mouse model with a humanized liver that can be successfully infected with HCV, HBV or malaria and remains infected over extended periods of time. This is the first non-chimpanzee animal model for practical testing of HCV therapies. It is the most advanced in vivo replication model for drug discovery, development and pre-clinical studies.

We enable our clients to efficiently and cost effectively evaluate lead compounds, obtaining statistically and clinically relevant results from a true in vivo setting.

We provide our customers results that are predictive of clinical outcomes observed in humans, as has been established in a series of published validation studies.

KMT Hepatech, Inc. owns an international patent portfolio that includes coverage of the uPA chimeric mouse model of HCV infection and on the uPA chimeric mouse for all potential applications including HBV, malaria and studies of toxicity, drug and lipoprotein metabolism.

The KMT MouseTM is your essential tool for therapeutics and vaccine development.

News and Events

  1. SOT2014 logo

    SOT 2014 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

    March 13 2014

    Dr. Sapelnikova will attend Society of Toxicology 53rd Meeting and ToxExpo in Phoenix, AZ on March 23-27, 2014

  2. New publications

    Prediction of drug metabolism and toxicity in humans using KMT Mouse

    January 27 2014

    New publications in Xenobiotica on the use of uPA/SCID mouse in toxicity and metabolism studies

  3. BIO-Europe Spring 2014

    BIO-Europe Spring 2014 Partnering Conference

    January 24 2014

    KMT Hepatech to attend International Partnering Conference in Turin, Italy on March 10-12, 2014

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